How Eliminate Stress in Your Life

One Simple Strategy to Break the Cycle

Not too long ago, the weight of my stress was so heavy I was suffocating. I had problems in my business, with my finances, and with my marriage.

The financial stress drove me to put in more hours at work. The longer I worked, the less time I had for my family. This cycle of stress made me less effective at everything I was trying to do.

It was inescapable. Until I learned one key concept.

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Here is the secret. All the major parts of my life were in constant battle with each other.

One day, a counselor explained it to me in a way that resulted in an absolute paradigm shift.

It was simply two circles, side by side. Once circle had the word “actions” and the other circle has the word “beliefs”. Where the two circles intersected, the word “Joy” was created.

I was experiencing stress because my actions and beliefs were out of alignment. My circles did not overlap anywhere. My stress was a result of choosing to do things that I didn’t believe I should be doing.

Nowhere in my life was I spending time on the things I believed in.

The solution to stress is not easy, but it is simple.

You can sum it up like this: to have joy in life and relieve stress, do what you believe in and believe in what you do!

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5 Steps to Eliminate Stress