#2: Discover Your Mission

And Get Busy Living


In the business world, we hear a lot about purpose statements and mission statements. The intention behind a mission statement is to create a meaningful and memorable phrase that summarizes the foundational ideals, core beliefs, or initiatives of the company. But these statements are more than just a phrase. When taken to heart, these statements can unite teams to accomplish important goals and help them stay on track with what they consider most important.

If understanding the core values, beliefs, and direction of a business are important, I believe we can agree that knowing these answers for our life is of even greater importance. I am going to lay out some simple ideas that will help you get these answers. Plus, I’ve got a great freebie this week, 6 Steps to Developing Your Mission Statment.

To live our best life we need to have absolute clarity on who we are, what we were created for, and how we will live it out. Without clarity, we run the risk of getting to the end of our lives and facing disappointments and regrets that could have been avoided.

To ensure we live a life full of meaning and fulfillment, we must identify both our purpose and our unique mission. Then with some effort, we can narrow it down into a meaningful and maybe even a catchy statement to remember.

When you set out to define your mission, you must examine two different components. Your Purpose, and your Mission.

They are each unique, and each brings something a little different to the table. When you understand how purpose and mission work together, you are well on your way to crafting your statement.

Purpose is the reason. It is the “why” we were made.

When we think about why we were made, we realize that it was not of our hands. We did not make ourselves, so we did not design our purpose. It has been mandated by our creator. SO to identify our purpose, we turn to our creator for the answer.

Take some time to reflect on your personal beliefs. Think about the beliefs of your family growing up. Who or what do you believe created you? What was their purpose in creating you?

Mission is the “what”. It tells us what to do to support our purpose.

You have a wealth of life experience. Start by reflecting on your biggest obstacles and the biggest challenges you have overcome. What are your areas of expertise? What are you passionate about?

Also consider your personality traits. How do you relate to people and how do you interact with the world? If you need help with this part, I highly recommend the DISC personality assessment. You can purchase an assessment on my site for just $30. The results are instant and worth every penny.

Your mission is how you want to use your life experience and personality traits to make a positive impact in your life.

Pull it all together by deciding WHAT you will do to fully capture WHY you were created. Your mission is the fulfillment of your purpose.

Understand that as your life experiences increase, your personal mission will evolve. Don’t let this frustrate you, it’s natural and meant to be.

6 Steps to Developing Your Mission Statment

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Believe this, your story has great value, so begin sharing your experiences with those around you. Together, we can all learn to live fully alive so that we may finish with no regrets.

Have you discovered what your mission is for this time in your life?