Are You Running a Business, or an Adult Daycare?

1 Powerful Way To Solve Communication Issues in Your Team

If you are a leader of people… or if you simply work with other people… you know exactly what I am talking about! Constant misunderstandings, conflicts, and failures to communicate kill productivity and drag the bottom line down with it. At the end of the day, you feel like you are running an adult daycare instead of a legitimate business.

Each person on your team is motivated by something. There are unique drivers for every individual that causes them to value the things they value, communicate the way they communicate, and work the way they work. If you can unlock those unique drivers, you can unlock the secret to building a cohesive team that succeeds together.

How To Be Engaged at Home When You are Stressed at Work

8 Strategies for Being Present With Your Family When You Get Home

It’s 5:00 and it’s been a day. You’ve put out some fires and closed some deals. Tomorrow is already shaping up to be a bear…

But it’s quitting time so you can just turn it all off and pick back up tomorrow. Not so much!

As leaders, we constantly struggle to manage the pressures of business without sacrificing the time we have for our families. It can seem impossible to leave the office and show up at home ready to be present and engaged.

4 Blindspots That Sabotage Leaders

And 2 Secrets That Can Turn it All Around

If you are a business leader or entrepreneur, you have chosen the path less traveled. What is it that drove you to take the hard road? Many people that I coach come to me because they no longer know why they are working so hard, or what they are even working for.

6 Needs Decisions

Their worth has become intertwined with the size of their bank account or pace of their business. They are working harder and faster and are burning out in the process. They can no longer tell me why they even want to have the business they created. The idea of living a fulfilled life is right next to winning the lottery.

4 Steps to a Better Life and a Better Business

Achieve What You Never Thought Possible

A business is simply an organization created to carry out the dreams and ideas of the entrepreneur who begins it. Everything good and everything bad about a business is a result of the leader’s perspective and actions. Everything rises and falls upon a leader. For a business to be healthy, balanced, and growing… the leader […]

#2: Discover Your Mission

And Get Busy Living

In the business world, we hear a lot about purpose statements and mission statements. The intention behind a mission statement is to create a meaningful and memorable phrase that summarizes the foundational ideals, core beliefs, or initiatives of the company. But these statements are more than just a phrase. When taken to heart, these statements […]