A Simple Strategy for Connecting With Your Team

3 Easy Questions to Ask

As a leader, your day moves fast and your plate is full. It’s easy to breeze through the day focusing on the tasks at hand while missing the importance of connecting with those you lead.

While each employee is different, they all have a fundamental need to hear from you. They need to know you are interested in them, you listen to them, and you are there to support them. Staying engaged with your workforce will do wonders for your company culture and efficiency.

How to Beat Burnout

One Key Component to Shedding the Stress

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you have experienced some degree of burnout. Many business owners I talk to have accepted it as “just a part of the job”. Sure, there are parts of your business you enjoy. Maybe it’s the relationship with your customers. Maybe you like getting your hands dirty. Underneath it all, however, there is part of you that’s just tired of it all.

There is, however, one key component that you have the ability to change.

7 Reasons Employees Quit

And What You Can Do About It

If you have been a business owner for any amount of time, you know that the challenges of sales and marketing pale in comparison to the challenges of… employees! It is hard enough to find the right people to hire. When you do hit the nail on the head and bring in someone that is a perfect fit for your team… it is only a matter of time before they are moving on to something else.

Here are the 7 most common reasons people leave a job, and what you can do about it!

Are You Running a Business, or an Adult Daycare?

1 Powerful Way To Solve Communication Issues in Your Team

If you are a leader of people… or if you simply work with other people… you know exactly what I am talking about! Constant misunderstandings, conflicts, and failures to communicate kill productivity and drag the bottom line down with it. At the end of the day, you feel like you are running an adult daycare instead of a legitimate business.

Each person on your team is motivated by something. There are unique drivers for every individual that causes them to value the things they value, communicate the way they communicate, and work the way they work. If you can unlock those unique drivers, you can unlock the secret to building a cohesive team that succeeds together.

4 Blindspots That Sabotage Leaders

And 2 Secrets That Can Turn it All Around

If you are a business leader or entrepreneur, you have chosen the path less traveled. What is it that drove you to take the hard road? Many people that I coach come to me because they no longer know why they are working so hard, or what they are even working for.

6 Needs Decisions

Their worth has become intertwined with the size of their bank account or pace of their business. They are working harder and faster and are burning out in the process. They can no longer tell me why they even want to have the business they created. The idea of living a fulfilled life is right next to winning the lottery.

4 Steps to a Better Life and a Better Business

Achieve What You Never Thought Possible

A business is simply an organization created to carry out the dreams and ideas of the entrepreneur who begins it. Everything good and everything bad about a business is a result of the leader’s perspective and actions. Everything rises and falls upon a leader. For a business to be healthy, balanced, and growing… the leader […]

#1: The 3 Components for a Sustainable and Fulfilling Career

You'll make more money, build a better team and never burn out

So here is how it was for me.  I began my first business for one main reason, money!  At the time it never crossed my mind that there should be anything more than that, I mean why else would you work so hard, sacrifice so much time and take such risks unless for the money, […]